Monday, March 26, 2012

Are we really Independent?

India and the Indians are 4 nights away from celebrating their 65th Anniversary of Independence. It has been a success story written over a period of 65 years which saw India as a nation rising from nothing to something. During this period nation fought wars, lost some won some, went through a phase or two of crisis, but finally emerged as a nation which the remaining world recognize to an extent. The wars fought during these 65 years have been both, with external forces as well as with the internal ones. To an extent, we have been able to come out looking graceful in the external conflicts but what puts India as a nation on back foot are the internal issues.

There have been many instances in fact, be it National Emergency during Indira Gandhi’s tenure, issues like reservation, communalism, regionalism, terrorism, corruption and the list is endless.
For a nation with such a diverse demographics and culture, some of the above issues are bound to exist, but what is really questionable is the stance of the ruling community towards these issues and the public opinion on the same.

If we have to discuss on the individual issues, the post will not have an end, thus to limit the content of the post we will be restricting ourselves on few basic points. These are so basic that in constitution of world’s largest democracy these are termed as ‘FUNDAMENTAL’. Article 19 of Indian constitution speaks about something which we commonly refer to freedom of speech and action. There might be restrictions on the various actions we perform in social environment, but the very basic or better suited Fundamental right is the freedom to express oneself in a free environment.

Ask yourself a question, are we really Independent to do so. It is really shameful that in an Independent state a citizen has to think many times before actually saying anything he believes. A free citizen of the country today fears about saying anything as it might anger the minority, under privileged, or protected section of society. He cannot say anything in favor or against any issue or he would be targeted as anti national. No independent views can be shared as it might bring in the rage of a section that thinks it is inappropriate.

It is not really difficult to cite examples for this, but will surely be a tedious process. Just think a little that how many times in life we share our true feelings in everyday life. Speak what we actually believe, not thinking what will be its implications, without any fear that what other people will think or act on your statements. These questions need an answer not from others, but from the conscience, our own conscience.

We all know the answers to these questions and it is not our fault because we have been raised this way.
Next time when you express yourself honestly without any fear, wish yourself a


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