Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Few Questions to think over……

On 31st may 2011, I completed the first anniversary with blogging. It has been a superb experience, not because I like to write but because it actually made me know that writing continuously is not an easy task. There has been a considerable gap between the blogs and have been writing in bits and pieces on the current happening. This was because the whole nation went into hibernation for last 2 3 months starting from the much awaited World Cup followed by the epic IPL, it was an epic not because of its success, but the fact that it ran endlessly for too long. The entire nation was eating, sleeping, drinking cricket. Too much of everything is bad.

But a lot happened as well in the mean time Cricket was happening around, there were legislative changes in the major states of India, there was 2G scam going on, UPA 2 was busy punishing the corrupts (or were they really), OSAMA GOT KILLED and there was Anna Hazare and his cry for Lokpal.

As publicized by the News channels, India is changing, there is an air of modernization, youth is taking interest towards the social causes, tolerance of citizen towards corruption has gone down etc. But is this all really happening? World has surely become a smaller place, thanks to the social media, but has that changed us a bit as an individual?

When Anna Hazare went for his strike for the demand of Lokpal, the whole nation was taken by a wave of rebellion. The majority of the rebellion was however not driven by the thought or motive which Hazare presented; it was rather due to the dissatisfaction of the nation towards the corruption. At that time Hazare’s demand proved to be the only medium to release the emotional pressure that the country was suffering. This could be easily gauged from a simple test on a sample of 10 people around you. Just ask a few questions

1. How many of them actually know Anna Hazare and his movement?
2. How many of them know what actually Hazare demanded?
3. How many of them can explain the concept of Lokpal?

The results will surprise you for sure.

There is not a feather of doubt that Mr. Hazare’s intentions were for the betterment of the country, but it is a single man’s vision and it can be flawed or at least the implementation part of it. In a democratic set up we have Judiciary, Executive, Legislative and Media as the four pillars. Rather than strengthening the existing pillars we are trying to find a solution by introducing a new constitutional pillar to support the falling democracy, the strength of which is uncertain in itself. Tomorrow if Lokpal concept falters we will take refuge by creating another pillar. Like stated in the Chaos Theory post, the more the number of parameters, more is the chances of a possible leakage.

It is true that nation needs a revolution to change the things as they are, but the biggest change required is the change within. We tends to get impressed easily, sometimes by appearance, sometimes because mass follows a particular thing, sometimes because we are afraid that if we do not follow people will criticize.
It sometimes makes me think what is the difference between the two sections and which one is more dangerous?

1) A mob which goes on a complete wreckage even when 90% of it does not know why they are breaking things
2) A Nation that goes into blind rebellion when a majority of it does not know why they are doing it.