Monday, July 18, 2011

A Nation with confused Leadership

On 13th of July 2011, India saw yet another terror strike in Mumbai and once again the whole nation was left with a bunch of unanswered questions. The times are really tough for the citizen of India, not only because they are in constant danger of terror strikes, but also because the ruling government is clueless about majority of the events taking place.

It is not the case that this is the first government under which the security of the nation is harassed most or the scams are coming out at a rapid pace. It has happened with the prior regimes as well but what is most astonishing fact is the reaction and response some of the officials give to media and nation when such incidences do crop up. It is fairly unfortunate on the part of Prime Minister that he is unaware of everything happening around his seat. He was caught by surprise when he came to know Mr. Raja was committing a forgery that led to net loss of 176379 Crores of rupees. He was also not aware that Kalmadhi is robbing the national funds in the name of Common Wealth Games. He also drew a face of shock when Supreme Court and Income Tax Department disclosed the black money trail, come on Mr. Prime Minister, even toddlers in India know that all the black money from India goes to Swiss Accounts.

It is absolutely justified that as the head of the government, Prime Minister of the country cannot know everything, but that does not gives him a license to know absolutely nothing. Even if he is unable to answer every question, the constitutional structure provides him aids in forms of ministers to help him when he has nothing to say. The ministers however have been steps ahead in making disgusting and irrational comments and have retracted from their statements when media and social networks attacked them.

The current Minister of Communication and IT, once stated that total loss in 2G spectrum case was zero, demeaning every authority working on the case including Supreme Court of India. One of the prime spokesperson stated that Anna Hazare and the fellow activists were nothing but ‘unelected dictators’. It is not that I am in full support of Lokpal bill but ‘unelected dictators’, what kind of statement is that. Home Minister of India on the bomb blast stated that lack of Intelligence should be considered as failure of Intelligence (If anyone reading this blog understand this statement from Home Ministry, please help me understand as well). The prince to be sworn as PM soon, too has his shares of absurd statements like he saw debris of burnt bones of farmers in Bhatta Parsaul village. He also stated that farmers were beaten, village girls were raped and molested by police officials, and these are some grave accusations which can have serious consequences. Such statements should not be made unless supported with sufficient proof. The best from the prince came when he said that we cannot stop 100% terror strikes, come on man, when nation is struck with shock of bomb blast, they need a little less verbal shocks than these.

If I add the statements by Mr. Digvijay Singh (the only name I am explicitly mentioning in the post, he deserves special mention) the list will be endless.

The very question that stands in front of us as a nation is that do we deserve better governance, do we deserve better answers, more responsible leaders. Think a little because what our leaders represent is the elected voice of the nation. In other words, the elected government represents the ideology of the masses. So if our elected leaders are flawed, that somewhere means that we as a nation are flawed, we as individuals are flawed.