Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The year that was 2010

December 31st 2010 will mark the end of the first decade of 21st century; it is big, isn’t it? We are lucky enough to witness the changes through a century. We have seen the world changing, our own country changing and most important of all the perspective of the individuals as the citizen of India changing. A lot has been said and written about the technological growth, fast developing R&Ds in various aspects of life, medicines etc. but what is important is that we witnessed all of them happening in front of us.

The year 2010 has been special to me as well in various ways. Most of the people who know me and are reading this post might have thought one or two reasons and are smiling already. One of the most important events for me was the start of blogging. As a blogger, I understood it is quite difficult to write continuously as we tend to get drained of ideas pretty soon and has to back up our knowledge with continuous reading, thus it is a cyclic process. The best moment for my blogs was the post City of Joy as it actually increased my reader base over night. There is one thing I have always experienced that as an individual we like making fun on a lot of things, but we haven’t really learned to take a joke on ourselves. We are growing and I guess by next decade we will learn that as well. However, City of Joy actually led to the popularity of the other posts which went unnoticed earlier.

Taking on 2010 again, this year has been exceptional as far as NEWS is concerned. The year gave a lot of material to the news channels to air the BREAKING reports throughout the year. We had Sachin making the first double ton in One dayers, Sachin again making 50 test tons, Saina Nehwal winning Badminton tournaments on a regular streak, Sania marrying Shoaib, Kalmadi cashing CWG, A Raja giving away 2G spectrum for peanuts, Neera radia a proper political lobbyist, Apple becoming cheaper then onions once again, Assagne being charged for leaking out truths, Lord Ram finally getting a place to settle down, Trains schedule changing because we cannot do anything to suppress the Maoists activities at night, etc.

We complain about a lot of things, that’s human nature and we cannot change it. As per one of my great philosopher friend as an individual we love to procrastinate. We are unsatisfied and will always remain to be, if everything listed above were not there for whole year we would have found out our own reasons to be unhappy (This applies to me and my philosopher friend as well). In this modern age of communication where we have innumerable mediums of information exchange and the velocity of information travelling is very high. The faster an information travel, the quicker it distorts and the residual damage increases exponentially. I am not vouching for the fact that whatever corruption and malpractices have been reported are false, but the inferences we draw and the time frame for which we have our reaction is wrong for sure. As an audience we have a very short memory, it is like a RAM which erases every opinion and inferences the moment we have a new piece of information. I still remember when AIIMS students and staff were on strike in 2006 and the NEWS was over night replaced by Rahul Mahajan’s drug overdose case and after few days people forgot that there was any strike.

Cheers for all of us for all the good NEWS of 2010 and a little bit of introspection for all the mishaps. Whenever a corruption is reported there is a lot of buzz around it and Media goes on a spree of debates with expert panels, which is actually food for the common ma’s thought. I do not hold anything against any working class of the society, but do you really think that people from entertainment industry or advertising or corporate are qualified enough to share an unbiased opinion. On a very different context, we always blame the politicians and the political outfits for all the forgeries, scam and scandals. Do you really think they have enough brain to pull out such heists or they have a huge chain of bureaucrats, officers, lobbyists and a trail of people which are never spoken of?

To conclude I am still not supporting any parties involved in the crime neither I am being judgmental for any one of them. It is just a question to ask ourselves, are we really this stupid that we cannot see it happening around us until one day it airs on National television or overcrowd facebook and twitter.
Just hold a breath before the year ends and think a li’l.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How it all started..

My first album as a lyricist released from US on 10th December. The album named Shades of Love is already creating a buzz in the US market in Asian pop album genre. However the only thing which i wanted in the whole project was my name on CD covers and i got that. It is a beautiful feeling when people listen to your work and appreciate it. I am new to lyrics writing and still considers that it might not happen next time when I have a new music piece. All of this started back in 2007, when I wrote a poem and one of my colleague who was performing with a Band sort of liked it. He took the poem with him and called me back asking if we can sit together and fit the poem into proper song format. A lot of modification were made on the original version of the poem and what came out was an excellent song(the one closest to my Heart till date). Today I am sharing the poem with you all which actually gave me a chance to explore this wonderful area of creativity.


एक अजनबी राज़ का एहसास है मुझे
इस भीड़ में भी वीरानियों की तलाश है मुझे
फितरतन हर मोड़ पर ढूंढ़ता हूँ तुझे
इन खामोशियों में तेरी आवाज़ की तलाश है मुझे

हवाओं का रुख तेरी याद ले आये
खुशबू से तेरी ये आलम महक जाए
सावन की बारिशों में भीगा तेरा बदन
शोख सी वो तेरी अदा याद है मुझे

आने से देर पर वो रूठना तेरा
मनाने पर वो बात बात पे हस देना तेरा
मुस्कान होठों पर और आँखों में गुस्सा
मनाने रूठने के वो सिलसिले याद है मुझे

आते थे मुझसे मिलने को डरते हुए सनम
बैठते थे मेरे साथ सबको देखते हुए
होठों से ज्यादा आँखों से होती थी बातें
मुलाकातों का वो दौर भी याद है मुझे

मेरे हर पैगाम को रखना सहेज कर
तारीखों की अहमियत का समझाना मुझे
कसमो से बाँधना वो हरकतें मेरी
मेरे लिए उनकी परेशानियाँ याद है मुझे

जलना वो उनका देख कर मुझे किसी गैर के साथ
मूह फेरना गुस्से से और बात ना करना
खोजना फिर बहाने मुझसे बात करने के
यु छेड़ना महफ़िल में उनको याद है मुझे

ज़िन्दगी आगे बढ़ गयी कई कारवां गुज़रे
चलता रहा मैं भी मंजिल की तलाश में
अब नहीं है वो फिर भी क्यूँ नहीं पता
राहों में उसकी मौजूदगी का एहसास है मुझे

This original version went through lots of modification to yield a superb Rock number later renamed as "Teri yaadein".

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Hot Curry

This is the shortest time interval when I have posted two consecutive posts. It is less than 24 hours when I am typing this post. So for them who have not yet read the last post on Communism, the post is still open for comments. Most of you might not have noticed that the name of the blog has changed from Chaos Theory to The Hot Curry. The name Chaos Theory sounded a bit geeky and always sent a message that the post here ‘might’ be serious kind of stuff. So it was definitely intended for the persona change of the blog. Moreover last few posts have spiced up the whole blogging scenario for me and a suitable name was always on the list. I initially thought of ‘Schezwan Biriyani’ as a name but ‘Masala Noodles’ is already a name of a blog on TOI and moreover I thought using ‘Biriyani’ might trigger some level of sentimental issues.

I was once having a lunch with few friends. We were all ordering something or the other; I ordered my regular Indian course with Chapati and a non veg side dish. When I was about to eat last few bites of my roti I ran out of the side dish. Ordering a new dish would have been a waste of food and money as well. So I resorted to eating last 4 bites of my Chapati or Nan I do not remember exactly with Chicken Manchurian. What followed was a good one hour speech on food habits, Cuisine should not be mixed, food etiquettes etc. I would like this forum to appeal to all people to come out of their set of rules, try new things, some day you might discover a new taste. By not doing this you are going against nature of continuous exploration and discovery. Remember when it all started there was no food etiquettes and that’s why we reached where we are today. All said but still I have my reservations against Aloo in Biriyani, I guess it’s an experiment gone bad(no offence).

So here it is the new name to the blog ‘The Hot Curry’

There was another reason for this post. Yesterday I found a nice Google application, Google Transliteration. It converts whatever you write to the language you specify and I am not talking about translation, it is direct transliteration. So I experimented with the application and converted one of my poems to Hindi script. Here is the poem for all of you, though I am a bit shy sharing my poetry work in public and it might be the first and last poem I have dared to share but still all the reviews, criticism and advise are welcome.

दूर कहीं क्षितिज पर आसमा झुकता हैं
धरती से मिलने को लम्बा सफ़र तय करता है
देख नहीं पाते दोनों को हम मिलते
पर हैं यकीं कहीं न कहीं
धरती से आसमा मिलता है

अपनी हर सोच को हम क्यों सपनो का नाम दें
हों नहीं सकता यह हमसे क्यों मन में मान ले
जब हैं पता हमें भी की दूर ही सही
कुछ दूर जाकर तो
धरती से आसमा मिलता है

हैं नामुमकिन कुछ नहीं मुमकिन यहाँ सब कुछ है
बस सपनो में खोजने की अपने लक्ष्य को ज़रुरत हैं
सपनो में ही हकीकत की मंजिल का निशान मिलता हैं
आखिर कहीं न कहीं तो जाकर
धरती से आसमा मिलता है

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Communism: The Marx’s way?

Communism – it’s a pretty strong word, isn’t it? Now honestly ask yourself a very simple question. How many of you really know what Communism is? This applies for those people the most that vouch for the communist parties or are influenced with their philosophy or agendas. In fact I could not have thought a better place to trigger the debate then on the land of Hammer, sickle and star. The last time I wrote something, it aroused immense level of interest among the readers and the blog visits shot overnight. Thus it’s a disclaimer that this post is not judgmental.

Communism as a subject of social studies was an idea conceived by Karl Marx and it is a very well known fact. What is a lesser known fact is that it was brain child of Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels in the early 19th century and how it came into application almost 70 years later in the dawn of 20th century. It is irony of the human history that very few of the great historians, mathematicians, scientists, poets or even actors received their due credits while they were alive and what is even more ironical is that we write a great account of them after their death. Karl Marx died in 1883, till then his work was only a text with a theory of communist society. His theory stated that Capitalism will one day be overthrown by socialism as feudalism was replaced by the former and finally it will be the ‘stateless, classless society called pure communism’. Karl Marx stated that one day the ‘proletariat’ (the working class) will overcome the ‘bourgeoisie’ (owner of Capital). Unlike science it is relatively easier to devise a theory in Social Science as you have extremely less constraint that stops you from doing that. Thus, Communism was also just a theory till Karl Marx died and even after that.

So how did it all started, it started somewhere around 1917 when Vladimir Ilyich Lenin started the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Lenin inspired by the writings of Marx thought of implementing a theory to overcome the capitalist’s undue advantages over working class. When the mass people are suppressed and their tolerance level has reached a peak, any kind of revolution or better quoted ‘ray of hope’ drives them to take the extreme measures. This resulted in the overthrow of the capitalist regime in Russia ending the rule of Tsars. The government was formed but it was not the efforts of Lenin that took Soviet Russia to the height. Like Physics Inertia applies to real life as well, post revolution people were not willing to accept the new policies of the government and it was then the second hero for Russia rose. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was the man responsible for the practical implementation of the Lenin’s theory. By force or by will it was the government’s policy that prevailed. This was the dawn for the communism and it started taking its real shape, but the point that should catch your interest is that Marx’s theories nowhere suggested the use of force explicitly in his text.

The other prominent figure which cannot be missed if we are on communism is Mao Zedong. People’s Republic of China, the country with the largest population in the world and only a single political party, this could not have been possible without a large force which kept all the uprisings and revolt aside. Mao Zedong’s theories and its practical implications are well known to the world.

Soviet Russia fell in 1991 as it was not able to cope up with the international fiscal changes with the existing communist policies. China is still high and progressing as they have adopted some theories of communism and a large portion of it added by Mao which can always be debated on humanitarian grounds.

The question here is the framework of communism what we see in the country like India with diverse topographic and demographic constraints is really communism? If yes do we require it? Are the political parties keeping a word communist in front of their names are really communist? Are they really communist?

I conclude this piece with a question for you, just think a bit, is it really necessary to abide by a theory written 150 years ago or formulate a plan keeping present in mind?